Level 2 Housemates Nominate 2 Level 1 Housemates To Join Their Level

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As it is a tradition in the Big Brother Naija house, Tuesday is one of the days when the housemates have their diary sessions with Big Brother. Today, Big Brother started with Level 2.

During the diary sessions, Big Brother asked all the level 2 housemates, Phyna, Bryan, Amaka, Kezz, Groovy, Modella, Chizzy, Daniella and Pharmsavi, “if they are given the opportunity to bring two housemates from Level 1 to level 2, which housemates would they bring?”

Here are their responses:

Groovy = Hermes and Chomzy. He would send Chizzy home if given the opportunity to do so.
Phyna = Hermes and Allysyn
Chizzy = Deji and Bella. Deji because he thinks he has a strong personality and Bella because he wants to separate her from Shegzz.
Bryann = Allysyn and Eloswag
Modella = Chomzy and Hermes. Chomzy because she likes her vibe.
Pharmsavi = Eloswag and Chomzy. Chomzy because she is good in sports and he thinks she and Eloswag would help them in winning the HOH game.
Kess = Eloswag and Chomzy

Amaka = Giddyfia and Doyin. She would send Modella home if given the opportunity because she is the last person she connects with.

Daniella = Hermes and Chomzy

Remember they are currently more housemates in level 1 than in level 2: that is 9 housemates in Level 2 and 14 housemates in Level 1. And after this coming Sunday, the housemates in Level 2 will go down to either 8 or 7. If this trend of the Level 1 housemates winning the HOH back continues, then the number of housemates in Level 2 will keep getting fewer and fewer.

So there is actually a possibility for Big Brother to increase the number of housemates in Level 2 by moving them from level 1. Only Big Brother can decide on the criteria for this. So let’s wait and see.

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