BBNaija Week 4 Eviction Predictions: Here Are The Level Up Housemates Leaving This Week

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It is week 4 in the Big Brother Naija “Level Up” house and yet again, eviction comes calling.

This week, five housemates from level 2 are up for possible eviction on Sunday. They are Amaka, Kezz, Groovy, Daniella, and Pharmsavi. At least, one of the nominated housemates will be evicted come Sunday.

All 5 housemates were nominated by the Level 1 HOH Eloswag. Remember Modella and Chizzy were also nominated but they are not up for possible eviction because they are not real housemates. Modella is a fake housemate while Chizzy is Big Brother’s rider.

Let’s predict which housemate(s) will be evicted this week. Remember, our predictions are always accurate or most of the time, very accurate.

Now, let’s do it again.

Here is our prediction:

Who may be saved this week?


Amaka is definitely one housemate who has been keeping the Level 2 house very lively and entertaining. She is very bubbly and the fans are definitely not ready to let her go just yet.

This is the second time she is being put up for eviction. She survived the first one and she would most definitely survive this one.

Amaka may in fact go very far in the game, thanks to her personality. She is definitely not leaving the Level 2 house this week.


He would be saved just like last week. It appears the ladies’ man is not leaving the show just yet as several fans have been rooting for him.

PHARMSAVI has a 50/50 chance of staying this week. Fans love him because he is a cool guy, free-spirited and his smile is charming.

Who may leave this week?


Yes Kezz is finally up and you know, people have actually been saying whenever Kezz is up for eviction, he will be evicted. Kezz is married and he is like a Big Brother to most housemates in Level 2 and he is a really great guy but he is up against housemates who are relatively stronger than him.

So Kezz would most likely be evicted this week.

If Big Brother decides to evict two housemates, the second housemate may be Daniella or Pharmsavi.

This is just our eviction prediction. what is your own prediction? Please tell us in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “BBNaija Week 4 Eviction Predictions: Here Are The Level Up Housemates Leaving This Week

  1. Big brother! I salute, I think a person that have many vote would stay in the house? About the KEZZ is leading the vote now I don’t think he supposed to leave the house or else if he lose the vote.? With all respect Sir.

    Secondly, when we are voting for a person’ is that person is loosing or his saving? I want to clear my self for the confusion I beg. With all respect Sir.

  2. My own prediction for d evicted housemates is amaka and less,am very sure dey will b evicted on Sunday 21st August

  3. Amaka and kess are going to b evicted on Sunday 21st August

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