Heated Figh-t Between Adekunle And Shegzz – Gist and VIDEO

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During the last eviction show, Ebuka decided to shake some tables in the level 1 house between Adekunle and Shegzz. Ebuka had revealed that Adekunle said Shegzz was probably using his relationship with Bella as a strategy. This was a conversation Adekunle had with Giddyfia and Diana.

Again, Ebuka decided to break the last leg of that table by revealing that Shegzz said Adekunle was not being real.

Since then, there has been some tension between the two and finally, Adekunle and Sheggz butted heads last night. The figh-t started from a short exchange of words and descended into yelling and a confrontation. Sheggz called Adekunle ‘stu-pid,’ and he went on to say he didn’t think Adekunle was ‘intellectual’.

As expected, this triggered Adekunle and he had an intense outburst. According to him, he “was ready to figh-t” Sheggz even if it meant getting a Strike. As Adekunle moved towards Sheggz, the Level 1 Housemates stepped in and were able to separate the fight before it got physical.

However, the confrontation was a very heated one resulting in other minor confrontations between housemates like Bella and Diana, Rachel, because Bella kept saying they should mind their business and leave Shegzz and Ade to figh-t because they are adults.

Watch video of the figh-t:

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