Phyna and Chichi in Tears As Big Brother Swaps Groovy and Deji

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Big Brother has kukuma decided to throw the biggest bombshell on us. Omo! we weren’t expecting this.

We knew Big Brother wanted to send Deji to level 2 but we didn’t know he also has plans to send Groovy to level 1.

Earlier this week, Big Brother gave Deji a secret task; to complain to his fellow housemates that he is tired of being in level 1 and wants to move to level 2.

After the wager task today, Big Brother played along and said he has heard of Deji’s murmurings of wanting to move to level 2. He asked him if that is what he wants and Deji said yes. Well, he couldn’t say no because it’s a task and has already been planned.

We thought that was it but hey! if you think you know Big Brother, you are absolutely wrong. Shockingly, Big Brother said since Level 1 has lost a housemate, they will gain a new housemate. He told Groovy to pack his bags and get set to move to level 1. Why Groovy? nobody knows.

Phyna immediately started crying profusely and the level 2 housemates were equally telling Big Brother they didn’t want Groovy to move to level 1. Big Brother asked them if they were trying to tell Groovy to disobey him. Well, they had to keep quiet.

Just like Phyna, Chichi is also in tears. She can’t imagine how she will live in the level 1 house without Deji.

Now that Groovy has moved to level 2, are you thinking what I’m thinking? The Groovy Chomz Eloswag triangle. Well, we can’t wait to see how all that unfolds.

3 thoughts on “Phyna and Chichi in Tears As Big Brother Swaps Groovy and Deji

  1. Big brother plans are on predictable, who know his reasons for swapping those two love birds Groovy and deji

  2. Good evening Biggie, how are you doing today?
    Thank you for the way you always take care of the housemates in your possession, I see you are the only person they respect..
    Pls Biggie I don’t no how possible it will be to invite Phyna and help talk some sense into her brain, because am not really comfortable seeing the way Groovy is taking the matter, I know the are adults though, I sincerely want you to help tell tell Phyna the truth so her brain can be rebooted..

    Thank you so much Biggie!

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