Chichi and Adekunle Have a Heated Clash After Deji’s Exit (VIDEO)

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 Last night after the wager task, Big Brother decided to spice things up by sending Deji to level 2 and sending Groovy to level 1.

This led to some heated clash between Chichi who was just starting a ship with Deji and Adekunle. Chichi was of course very heartbroken that Deji had left the house.

While Chichi wept, Adekunle tried to comfort her. However, Chichi refused to accept his comfort and confronted him in front of other Level 1 Housemates. According to Chichi, while playing games in the Garden, Adekunle had said her ship with Deji won’t sail.

Chichi took offense to Adekunle’s words and called him a “pretender”.

Adekunle however denied that he has ever uttered such words. He further made attempts to iron out their issues by trying to involve Chichi in a conversation. Chichi went on calling Adekunle names and this triggered a face-off.

Level 1 Housemates had to hold Adekunle back and Chichi went on to tell Adekunle that he had no ship in the House because he ha-tes love and that is why love cannot find him.

This clash happened just a few minutes after Groovy moved into the level 1 house. Yes! Groovy was welcomed with some gbas gbos. Watch video below:


What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think Chichi might be overreacting, or is Adekunle wrong? Let us know in the comment section.

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