BBNaija Voting Poll Week 5 (Level Up Eviction Poll)

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If all housemates except the fake housemates and the HOH and her companion were up for possible eviction like Big Brother said, who do you think will leave and who will top the voting poll? Scroll and vote.

This week is a fake eviction week. Big Brother canceled the nominations and put everyone up (except HOH Chomzy and her companion Eloswag) for possible eviction for dragging their feet when Big Brother summons them and their general bad behavior. However, it’s going to be a fake eviction.

If this was a real eviction and 15 housemates (except the HOH, her companion and the fake housemates) were up for eviction, who would you save?

Who are you voting to keep in the house this week? Vote and see results.

Note: You can vote as many times as possible. Don’t forget to also invite your friends to vote.

Just click on vote, see results and click on “Back to Vote” to vote again as many times as possible.

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54 thoughts on “BBNaija Voting Poll Week 5 (Level Up Eviction Poll)

  1. Hermes for the money…. The guy is too good…. We love Hermes

    1. Hermes is the man….my winner….your winner….OUR WINNER.

      1. Cheers to Bella our fave,ebuka plsss don’t blame big Bella for what she said to chomzy ooo

    1. Amaka for the money shes real has a good heart values friendship
      And shes focussed

  2. It’s Amaka or nobody else and that’s on period.

  3. Amaka will win the money because of good heart.

  4. Chi chi for the Money 💖💛💜💜❤️, Chi chi will Not Go 🤛✊✊🤛

  5. ChiChi for the money, sweet and entertaining girl like my chi🤗
    Chi for the money 💰🏆

  6. Adekunle for the 💰
    He is the content of BBN season 7
    He’s a great man and intelligent…
    Who dey💃💃💃

  7. Chichi is a sweet person just hard to be understood.and I mean I don’t blame her it’s what a person goes Thru that makes them.
    So good or bad chichi I got you.

  8. My Royalty goes to the only alpha man Sheggz for the money periodtt.

  9. Doyinsola David has ticked all the boxes of a winner. We her cheerleaders (Deelights) want her to be the winner of BBN season 7. Thank you Big brother. We appreciate you on behalf of Doyin.

  10. Doyin the stylist, brilliant and sweet girl for the win.

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