Amaka and Bryann Heated Fight – Video

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There was some heated gbas gbos last night after the pool party between Big Brother Naija housemates Amaka and Bryann.

It all started as a fun game where some housemates gathered together to share their views about their fellow housemates.

When it got to Amaka’s turn, a few things that were recurrent from her fellow housemates were that she is quick to anger, she always doesn’t want to understand the perspective and views of others, always tries to insist on her own views and can very very insensitive.

There was some back and forth between Modella and Amaka about a few instances in that house when they have had some misunderstandings and how they failed to understand each other.

There was also a revisit of the baileys issue between Amaka and Daniella that happened last Monday night. According to to Amaka, she said though Daniella had approached her that night o to ask her about the baileys, she was already upset and told her she chose not to understand whatever she was saying.

The housemates including Bella and Doyin tried to explain to Amaka why there was nothing wrong for Daniella to have walked up to her to ask her about the Baileys and why it is always important for her to listen and understand the point of view of others.

Bryan in particular kept saying Amaka is always insensitive and lacks emotional intelligence. Amaka said Bryann has always been trying to trigger her. She added that yes, she lacks emotional intelligence and that is how she is.

To Braynn, it is wrong to always say that is how you are, you can always make efforts to work on what people keep complaining about you – “that is what an emotionally intelligent person will do”.

From there, what was just a simple conversation started getting into an intense altercation as emotions started flaring up.

Bryann referred to Amaka as dum-b and Amaka responded with several insul-ts and from there, it was all gbas gbos and the housemates were there to prevent the situation from possibly getting physical.

The gbas gbos was intense but very funny to watch as well.

Watch the videos below.


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