Amaka Finally Issued A Strike – BBNaija

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Big Brother Naija Level Up housemate Amaka has been issued a strike for constant microphone infringement.

This Sunday evening, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge and reviewed the times Amaka has been warned by Big Brother for microphone infringements.

In the review, we noticed that Amaka has been given three microphone warnings and the final one, making a total of 4.

The video also showed a conversation Amaka was having with Giddyfia and he asked her where her microphone is. Amaka responded by saying her voice was loud enough. That was after Amaka had been given her final warning already.

For her constant mic infringements, Big Brother issued her a strike and warned her with two more strikes, she will be disqualified.

After the verdict, Amaka was apparently upset with some fellow housemates who usually loudly remind her about her mic when they don’t see her with it. According to her, signaling to her would have sufficed.

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