Big Brother Introduces Level 3; How Would Level 3 Work? All You Need To Know

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Hmmmmm…. Big Brother has a lot up his sleeve this season and he is definitely throwing us off balance.

We thought level 1 and level 2 was biggie’s biggest game plan this season but hey! Big Brother is here with level 3. Yes, Big Brother has introduced level 3 to the game.

Where is the Level 3 house?

Level 3 is upstairs; the apartment which was used initially for level 2 and then later level 1.

Which Housemates are in leve 3?

The evicted housemates Doyin, Chomzy and Eloswag are now in level 3. These 3 housemates have in deed been evicted from the game and are no longer competing for the grand prize.

They are however staying back in the house as Big Brother’s guests. They will return to the main house unannounced sometime in the week.

The evicted housemates don’t know that they have indeed been evicted. They think it was a fake eviction and that is why they were sent to the other house. They have however been evicted and are just staying as guests.

When Chomzy, Eloswag and Doyin finally return to the main house, they will participate in all activities, games, and tasks. They will leave the house on Sunday, September 18, at the earliest.

When the evicted housemates move from level 3 to the main house, level 3 will continue to exist. Only Big Brother knows what he intends to do with that level.

One more thing, the level 3 house is now exceptionally beautiful as compared to the previous multicolored look. The new decor is absolutely amazing.

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