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Big Brother Naija lovebirds Shegzz and Bella have been issued their first strikes.

This Sunday evening, Big Brother asked all housemates to gather in the main lounge. Big Brother played two videos for the housemates to review.

The first video was about the fight between Rachel and Shegzz /Bella. The main focus was the insul-ts the housemates exchanged among themselves and then the soup Bella spilled on the table.

According to Big Brother, the altercation between Rachel and the lovebirds was unnecessary and as such, Rachel was issued a serious warning.

Bella on the other hand was issued a strike. According to Big Brother, she took things too far and crossed the line the moment she spilled the soup. That was a provocation.

The second video was about Shegzz’s inability to execute his punishment as the tail of the house. According to Big Brother, Big Brother was lenient in the first week and gave him a different punishment to serve the housemates the next week.

However, Shegzz still did as he wished, serving only the housemates he chose to and when he wanted.

Following article 18, Big Brother issued Shegzz a strike.

These are Bella and Shegzz’ first strikes and with two more, they will be automatically disqualified.

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