Big Brother Naija Top 11; Who Will Win? Level Up 2022

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Except for Level 3 House Guests Chomzy, Doyin, Eloswag who have been evicted anyway and Riders Chizzy and Rachel, there are currently 11 Housemates who are still in the running for this season’s grand prize of N100 million.

We are just a few days to when Season 7 reaches its peak on Saturday 2 October and one of the follow 11 housemates will walk away with the prize.


He is the Oldest Housemate in the house. He is smart and also one of the most competitive Housemates in the Level Up House. His competitiveness has seen him assume the HoH chair once, and consistently a front runner during the HoH Games and Sponsored Tasks.


Allysyn is a black and proud naturalist who is comfortable in her skin and loves female friendships.

Her favourite pastime is laughing and she never takes things too seriously. She was more than happy to be the Level Up clown as the Tail of House. 


Bella is a cute girl with a resting face and she no like stress. She is a princess, heavily guarded by her prince charming and prefers the soft life. She has impeccable taste in clothes and if it’s not designer, she is not wearing it.


The only thing that goes on in baby Bee’s head in the morning, afternoon, and night-time is music. He composed the former Level 2 jingle which has been stuck in the Housemates’ heads to this day. “Opor opor” and “plenty shalaye no dey full basket” are still well-known jams and slang in the House. When a Sponsored Task includes a musical performance, you best believe that a Team with Bryann on it will bag it.


Chichi is a girl that has fought her whole life and is still bringing gbas gbos to the House. If she is not bringing vawulence, then she is bringing the real strip-per vibe.


She is a spoken word artist and enjoys profound conversations about the mind and psychology. She is a super smart girl, competitive and always gets far in the HoH Games and Sponsored Tasks. She loves God and will be found worshipping in her beautiful voice by herself in the House.


Dotun lives in the gym when he is outside the House and has not been shy to show off his healthy body. He loves music and dancing and always vibes with the girls and the guys.


The very controversial housemate is the House’s ultimate cruiser, getting into a relationship soon after entering the House. That ended on a bad note as Beauty was Disqualified, and he quickly got together with Phyna after Amaka expressed her interest in Groovy to Phyna. He looks good, dresses well, and only speaks when it is truly necessary, and when necessary, he will speak and speak and speak.


He is very smart and competitive and thanks to this, he has been crowned the HoH twice and is a front-runner for a lot of Tasks. He is the embodiment of uniqueness which is communicated through his choice of style, from his hair to his clothing. His ultimate uniqueness is expressed through his dance moves and his choice of English terminology.


Phyna – the hype Queen came to the show to win and has been making sure that she shows up. She gets very disappointed when she does not perform well, even earning herself the Tail of House title for two consecutive weeks. Her ultimate comeback was her recent win as the second female HoH in the Level Up House.


Fine London boy has loads of stories to tell about being in the UK. He has found the one that he wants to marry and will do whatever it takes to make it known, and defend her honour should anyone come for her. His ship with Bella sailed in the early Level Up days, and although many have speculated that his ship is a strategy, he has professed love for Bella.

One of the above Housemates will be the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up winner in two weeks. Who is your money on?

Vote below and let’s see who is most likely to win.

BBNaija Top 11! Who Will Win The Level Up Season?
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